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Think Twice Before Considering Limb Lengthening Surgery in Foreign Countries

Posted by The Height Lengthening Team on Aug 7, 2018 11:05:36 AM

research cosmetic limb lengthening surgical vacationsYou’ve done all the research you think you need to do on the procedure that can add inches to your height – right? Now you’re trying to figure how it will fit into your budget. Since it is a cosmetic procedure, most insurance companies won’t pay for it, so it may be tempting to look out of the U.S. to have your procedure done.

Before you make your travel plans, you really need to think twice before you make that decision.

Limb lengthening surgery, as with any surgery, can have potential complications. Many countries are unregulated when it comes to healthcare, especially surgery. Mixing in a vacation with a surgical procedure isn’t always the best course of action.


Beware of surgical vacations

surgical vacations cosmetic height limb lengthening travel Saving money when you’re buying a new car, house or even new jeans is important and can make you feel thrifty. However, sometimes saving money just isn’t worth it – and when it comes to your health, you want the best you can get, without cutting corners.

If you are going to have surgery, you want to know that you are being treated by professionals who have had expert training and experience. Many foreign countries allow procedures to be performed with little to no training. In fact, it has been reported that the medical tourism industry is worth billions of dollars. Many of those dollars are coming from Americans who want to save money on cosmetic procedures.

Some of these cosmetic surgery ‘spas’ offer incredible deals that make it look like a surgical procedure vacation. Beware of anything the looks too good to be true, because most of the time it is too good to be true!

As we stated previously, there are fewer regulations regarding physician’s training and experience to perform surgical procedures. Because of this, many doctors do a procedure only once or twice with an experienced proctor before they are able to do the surgeries on their own. This inexperience can be costly to patients in more ways than one.


The cost of saving money

out of country surgery Cosmetic procedures in the U.S. can be costly since most of them are not reimbursed by insurance companies which leads many people to go elsewhere. Those people often find that even though they may initially save money, in the long run it may end up costing them more.

Surgeries done in other countries may not be done properly or use the most up-to-date methods. This is especially true with limb lengthening surgery, since there have been recent technical advances that other countries may not be using. There may be unforeseen complications that necessitate a longer stay in the foreign country.

It is not uncommon for surgeries performed in foreign countries to have to be done over due to mistakes being made. These issues may end up costing you more than if you would have had the procedure done in America in the first place. Many U.S. physicians are reluctant to take care of complications that have stemmed from procedures done in a foreign country.

The other problem that people have found when they have had surgery done in foreign countries is that hospital care isn’t always up to the standards necessary for a good outcome and recovery. Infection is a fairly common problem when it comes to procedures done in other countries. You may have life-threatening complications requiring further hospitalization and treatment.


Yes, there are qualified physicians in other countries

There are physicians in other countries who are highly trained and have the experience they need to provide their patients with quality healthcare. The problem is, it is difficult to be sure. If, after becoming educated on the procedure, its risks and benefits and looking at the costs – you still want to have it done in another country – make sure you do your homework. Look into the education, training and regulations of the country you are entrusting your health to.


Limb lengthening surgery

Adding inches to your height with limb lengthening surgery is a procedure that isn’t taken lightly. It requires determination and commitment during the recovery period. The process and systems used have changed markedly over the years to make it a non-invasive procedure, but the recovery takes time. When you have limb lengthening surgery, you want to have the best possible outcome.

You need a healthcare team that will follow you from the time you enter the hospital until you are fully recovered. This type of optimal care simply isn’t possible if you have your limb lengthening procedure performed in a foreign country.

If being short leads you to be passed over for promotions, dates and reaching the top of a cupboard – perhaps it is time for you to seriously consider limb lengthening surgery. The first step to this life-changing procedure is to contact a highly trained and experienced orthopedic surgeon. You will be given all of the necessary information to make an informed decision as well as finding out of you are a candidate for this procedure.


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