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Productivity and Height: How Being Taller Can Increase Productivity

Did you know that your height may impact how productive you are at your work and in your personal life? This is because many of the personality traits that affect productivity are heavily influenced by your stature. Let’s take a look at some of these factors and see how height and productivity may ultimately play into tapping into your full potential.

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The Perception of Height and Winning

Sergio Oliva was an uncontested bodybuilding legend in his time—a mass of muscle and impressively defined physique that earned him the nickname “The Myth”. In 1972, Oliva went up against a young, new adversary in the Mr. Olympia competition. Oliva had the bodybuilding advantage, better endowed with muscle mass and definition and should have been poised for victory.

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5 Life Changing Benefits After Height Lengthening Surgery

Undergoing height lengthening surgery is a personal choice that can change your life in a number of positive ways. You'll notice, once you've had the surgery, certain ways that your life changes in the way that you feel about yourself, as well as the way that people interact with you on a daily basis. Take a look at these five ways height lengthening surgery can change your life for the better:

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How Height Increase Surgery Boosts Self-Esteem

It is no secret that shorter males face being stigmatized, stereotyped, and even ostracized throughout many social circles. Whether it be the notion that shorter men have to "compensate more", have a Napoleon complex, or just that girls typically prefer taller guys; any single one of these issues can create huge self-esteem issues. Modern technology has the answer: Height increase surgery. Trained medical professionals are able to surgically enhance your height with permanent effects. If you could permanently increase your height, don't you think your self-esteem would increase as well?

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Can I Grow Taller with Exercise and Vitamins?

We live in a world filled with perceptions. Many people perceive that taller people are more important, successful and better looking than those who are below average in height. This is especially true for men.

Perceptions can be true and when it comes to height. Shorter people are sometimes passed over for promotions by their taller counterparts. Taller people hold more top executive positions. Dating can be unsuccessful for shorter men. Here comes another perception – the tall, dark and handsome stereotype. No wonder being tall is on the wish list for many people. Men and women.  

Many people want to add inches to their height. There is an abundance of false information on the internet about ways to grow taller. Try not to fall for the false advertisements. There are claims that taking certain vitamins will add inches to your height. There are also claims made that participating in various exercises (usually with the purchase of expensive equipment) will make you grow taller. None of these will add inches to your height.

It’s true, there are some ways and things you can do that will give you the perception of being taller. Is it possible to grow taller? Unfortunately, nothing will actually MAKE you grow taller besides limb lengthening surgery.

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Confidence and Your Height

It is hard to believe that height makes a difference in how you are treated and even the degree of success you achieve – but it is true. Height is associated with power, we ‘look up’ to people who we think are superior (both figuratively and literally).

Even though adult height isn’t usually determined as a child, children understand the liabilities of being the shortest kid on the team at a very young age. Nicknames are hard to shed. Being called a shorty can stick with boys and girls long after the name-calling actually stops.

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Unhappy with Your Height:  Here’s How You Can Grow Taller

Yes - height matters! The only people who don’t think it does are people who are above average in height.  The world looks differently to those who are above average in height. Short people are always looking up, and tall people are continually looking down on those shorter than them – both literally and figuratively.

The teasing for being short may start at a young age. Being short in stature may cause children to be made fun of and suffer bullying as early as elementary school. This type of abuse can continue on through high school and even into adulthood. Hurt feelings over a period of time can result in sadness and a feeling of hopelessness.

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Not Just For Men:  Short Women And Cosmetic Height Lengthening

Men may be more vocal about their problems with being shorter than average than women are. But it’s not just men who are struggling with being short. Women find being short a problem in their professional, social and personal lives.

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Farewell High Heels! Reach New Heights With Cosmetic Height Lengthening 

A small woman has options to appear taller – wearing a certain style of clothing, for example. Women can also wear high heels. These visual optics don't affect actual height, however, and there's good evidence that being short has an impact on self-esteem. Women who are short – under 5'2” – also complain that people patronize them, tease them about their height or simply don't see them, especially in a crowd. If you're truly dissatisfied with your height, you do have another, permanent option: cosmetic height lengthening.

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Height and Human Growth Hormones: What You Need to Know

Being shorter than normal has a lot of drawbacks, personally, socially and professionally. There are many times you probably have felt discriminated against, left out and alone. You may have been the brunt of short jokes and even bullied in school.

Many people of shorter than average stature, especially men, seek out ways to make themselves seem taller. From elevator shoes with built-in heels and stretching exercises to online vitamins and false ads that lure people in with their promises, short people are vulnerable to try ways to gain inches to their height.

One method of becoming taller that you may see advertised online and in magazines is the human growth hormone, or also known as HGH.

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