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Why Stem Cell Therapy Cost is Worth the Relief

Stem cell therapy has been in the news lately for several reasons. First, it is a newer therapy that holds great promise in treating a wide variety of different conditions. It is also generating a lot of research activity precisely because it has such potential. The other point that nearly always comes up is its cost. Here's why stem cell therapy is expensive, what the benefits are and why so many people are choosing this option – they feel the benefits are worth the stem cell therapy cost.

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Orthopedic Tips For Athletes With Knock Knees

Many people – especially athletes - suffer from knee injuries, chronic knee pain, and/or knee surgery.  

Knock knees is a condition where the knees curve inward. The knees angle in and touch when straightened, but the ankles remain a distance apart from one another. The medical term for knock knees is valgus knee or genu valgum. It is painful, a cosmetic deformity – and can lead to premature arthritis of the knees.

Athletes with knock knees - can find this condition very challenging.

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