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What is Genu Varus and Genu Valgus?

There are several types of limb deformities that can be present at birth or develop later on in life with a small range of treatments that individuals can benefit from. Most treatments are conservative and may be helpful for the individual temporarily.

Two of the most common types of limb deformities are genu varus and genu valgus.

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Athletes With Knock Knees: Learn How Surgical Correction Can Help You

There are numerous physical health challenges that athletes experience due to the continuous repetitive movement. For some athletes, one of the most problematic conditions is knock knees. When athletes with knock knees straighten their legs, the knees will angle inwards and the ankles remain apart.

This valgus deformity can cause a lot of pain if you leave the medical condition untreated. The chronic pain will not only limit your athletic activities, it will also affect daily activities such as walking. You might also develop a limp due to the discomfort on your knees. Knock knees is not just a cosmetic problem; it will also increase your risk of developing stress fractures and arthritis in the future.

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Orthopedic Tips For Athletes With Knock Knees

Many people – especially athletes - suffer from knee injuries, chronic knee pain, and/or knee surgery.  

Knock knees is a condition where the knees curve inward. The knees angle in and touch when straightened, but the ankles remain a distance apart from one another. The medical term for knock knees is valgus knee or genu valgum. It is painful, a cosmetic deformity – and can lead to premature arthritis of the knees.

Athletes with knock knees - can find this condition very challenging.

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