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Can I Grow Taller with Exercise and Vitamins?

Posted by The Height Lengthening Team on Nov 28, 2018 5:21:44 PM

height lengthening grow taller man smilingWe live in a world filled with perceptions. Many people perceive that taller people are more important, successful and better looking than those who are below average in height. This is especially true for men.

Perceptions can be true and when it comes to height. Shorter people are sometimes passed over for promotions by their taller counterparts. Taller people hold more top executive positions. Dating can be unsuccessful for shorter men. Here comes another perception – the tall, dark and handsome stereotype. No wonder being tall is on the wish list for many people. Men and women.  

grow taller vitamins pills Many people want to add inches to their height. There is an abundance of false information on the internet about ways to grow taller. Try not to fall for the false advertisements. There are claims that taking certain vitamins will add inches to your height. There are also claims made that participating in various exercises (usually with the purchase of expensive equipment) will make you grow taller. None of these will add inches to your height.

It’s true, there are some ways and things you can do that will give you the perception of being taller. Is it possible to grow taller? Unfortunately, nothing will actually MAKE you grow taller besides limb lengthening surgery.

Ways You Can Look Taller

Weren’t we all told by our parents to stand up straight and now slouch? This is one thing that you can do that will instantly make you look taller. You haven’t actually added any inches, but the perception is that you have. In our day and age of high-stress and busy lives, slumping and slouching is something most people do daily. It is caused by sitting at desks, watching TV and from just being tired!


Stand up straight. Try this on yourself or anyone in your family, because almost everyone slouches. Stand the way you normally do, by a wall, and make a slight mark on the wall (yes, just like you did when you were a kid to see how much you’ve grown). Next, stand with your back to the wall and keep your back, neck and head in alignment against the wall. Make another mark. Odds are high that the second mark is higher than the first. Slouching can become a habit that is difficult to break.


yoga can i grow taller asian girl stretchingPoor posture can make you look much shorter than you really are. By standing up straight, your spine is able to straighten. This will add an additional one to two inches to your height and is an easy way to look taller. Keeping a good posture will strengthen your spine. Eventually, you will get into the habit of keeping your back straight and feeling taller.


Yoga and other core strengthening exercises will also help you keep your body straight and more healthy-appearing.


But again, nothing can physically add inches to your height except limb lengthening surgery – so beware of the many scams that make claims to make you grow taller.


Vitamins. Sorry, there are no vitamins that will add inches to your height. There are, however ways to keep your bones healthy and strong. When bones are healthy, they aren’t as likely to lose density which will help with posture as you get older. Stronger bones make it easier to stand straight.


Losing bone density may lead to a condition called osteoporosis. This condition can cause pain and may also cause an involuntary slump. Osteoporosis can contribute to bone density loss and make you look shorter.


Calcium is a biggie when it comes to bone health. You can get calcium through your diet by including dairy foods, green vegetables such as kale and broccoli and some types of nuts, almonds are a good one.


Diet, exercise and overall general healthcare will be very beneficial to help you look your best and may give the perception that you are taller. These things will help you live a more active and productive life.


Limb Lengthening Surgery


You may have never heard of this surgery. It was originally developed to help those with limb discrepancies and for those with dwarfism to help straighten limbs. Over time, the procedure has improved and made much less invasive. It is now available as a cosmetic procedure and is available for people who want to grow taller.


Limb lengthening surgery is the only true way to grow taller. Orthopedic specialists are trained and have experience providing limb lengthening procedures as a means to add inches to your height. If you haven’t heard of this surgery and you’re one of the many people who desire to be taller, it’s time for you to get more information on this life-changing procedure.

The first step is to make an appointment for a consultation with an orthopedic specialist who provides this life-altering surgery. This highly trained surgeon will determine if you are a candidate for limb lengthening surgery.


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