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The STRYDE Weight Bearing Nail Versus PRECICE 2 Limb Lengthening Nail

Posted by The Height Lengthening Team on Oct 25, 2018 3:13:19 PM

grow taller with stryde nail preciceLimb lengthening surgery was originally developed to lengthen and straighten limbs for people with dwarfism and limb deformities. It is now available for cosmetic surgery to give added height to people who want to become taller.

The techniques for limb lengthening began in the early 20th century. With that being said, it wasn’t until the 1950s that understanding of the body’s own ability to regenerate, that devices were developed to take advantage of it this amazing process.  

The process behind limb lengthening surgery is amazing – and with new technology it has become a less invasive procedure with a shorter recovery period. The STRYDE limb lengthening nail technology has taken the procedure and the recovery process to an entirely new level.

Our Body’s Ability Is Amazing

height lengthening surgery stryde nail preciceLeg lengthening surgery is done in a hospital setting. Under the type of anesthetic that is determined by your physician, a small incision is made and a surgical cut is made into the width of the bone to be lengthened. The nail is then inserted into the center of the bone and is secured with locking screws.

Over the next several weeks or months, the distraction phase takes place. The bone is pulled apart very slowly and just a fraction of a millimeter at a time. The body creates tissue, blood vessels and bone to fill in the space – which causes the bone to become longer, adding inches to your height.


Implanted Lengthening Nails

Implantable lengthening nails have changed the outlook for limb lengthening surgery. The nail is fully implanted and the mechanism is driven by an internal motor. With previous devices, a motor required an external transmitter. The antenna that came out of the end of the nail and was planted subcutaneously. It was originally powered and controlled manually or by radiofrequency. With new advances, magnets are used.

As technology changed, these new processes continue to evolve to give those who wish to become taller better ways to achieve that goal.



As with most everything these days, technology is changing and improving our way of life. This is especially true in the medical field. Before the STRYDE system was developed, recovery from limb lengthening surgery was very limited in regards to weight bearing. Now, with this new implantable intramedullary nail, weight bearing is no longer a problem. The STRYDE system includes locking screws and reusable instruments that are extremely strong and gives patients the ability to use a hand-held and external remote control to increase the space between the bones.

stryde weight bearing nail wheelchair precice height lengtheningThough the mechanism for both the Precice 2 and STRYDE nails are the same, there are differences. The primary difference between the Precice 2 and the new STRYDE nail system is the materials used. Precice is made from titanium and STRYDE is composed of a unique stainless-steel material. Titanium is more flexible and does not provide the strength of stainless steel.

While recovering from limb lengthening surgery where the Precice system was used, it was necessary for weight-bearing restrictions to be in place. A walker or crutches must be used for a longer period of time with the Precice procedure.

Weight-bearing restrictions are much less strict when the STRYDE nail system is used in the limb lengthening procedure. STRYDE can be used for both the tibia and femur and can increase your height by more than three inches.


Why Weight-Bearing Important

no more crutches with stryde nail precice The main difference between the STRYDE system and previous systems including the PRECICE 2, is that it allows more weight to be put on the bones that are being lengthened. Previously, only 30 to 50 pounds of weight could be placed on each leg. Because the STRYDE system is made with the specialized stainless-steel composition - it allows 150 to 250 pounds of weight placed per leg. The amount of weight bearing during the healing process depends on the rate of healing and the physician’s recommendations.

Post-operative recovery is hastened with weight bearing being a crucial part of healing.


More Benefits Of STRYDE

Using STRYDE’s innovative limb lengthening system, the patient is able to control the phase of the procedure where the bones are separated to create height.

A portable, hand-held device interacts with a non-invasive magnetic implant. This device is an External Remote Controller (ERC) that is programmed by the orthopedic specialist to accurately cause the leg bone(s) to lengthen.

More benefits include:

  • Adjustment using an external remote controller
  • Cuts down hospital stay
  • Increased weight bearing
  • Magnet technology is proprietary
  • Rate of lengthening is precisely controlled


The STRYDE limb lengthening system allows the procedure to give a truly customized outcome. There are several steps to take if you are one of the many who have always wished to become taller. The first step is to make an appointment with your orthopedic specialist for a consultation. At that point, you will be assessed to see if you are a candidate for this life-changing limb lengthening procedure.


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