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Effective Ways of Correcting Bowlegs in Adults

Posted by The Height Lengthening Team on Jul 17, 2019 12:38:00 PM

Bowlegs condition is most common in infants. The condition usually fades away as infants grow and start to walk. It normally happens when a child is between 12 to 18 months of age.

However, the condition may prolong to adulthood. Adults’ legs appearing bowed out may be a sign of a disease. Bowlegs in adults may indicate rickets or Blount's disease.

Prolonged bowlegs in an adult can easily cause other complications like Arthritis. However, bowlegs can be managed with much ease in infants as soon as they start to walk.

But are there remedies for adults with bowlegs? Yes! This article seeks to give more insight into the bowlegs condition in adults.

bowleggedHow Can an Adult Tell They Have Bowlegs?

If a person stands with their feet together but has some distance between the knees, they are bowlegged. You can tell the intensity of the condition by the extent of the gap between the knees.

Generally, a wider gap indicates the severity of the condition. Thus, it should be managed as quickly as possible to avoid further complications.

Causes of Bowlegs in Adults

Most of the people who have bowlegs condition in their adulthood develop it from childhood. In most cases, it is due to genetics, but bowlegs can be caused by various factors such as lack of enough vitamin D or lead poisoning.

Other adults may have developed bowlegs from being placed on a walker too soon as kids. Some may have developed Blount disease as kids. There are cases where bowlegs develop later in life. Occupations such as being a jockey or undergoing physical trauma may lead to bowlegs.

Treating Bowlegs in an Adult

Effective Ways of Correcting Bowlegs in Adults

The first step to treating bowlegs is getting a qualified medical practitioner to examine you. At Height Lengthening, we have extensive experience in limb lengthening and deformity correction surgery.

Limb lengthening surgeries effectively treats bowlegs in adults and boosts their height.

So, what is limb lengthening surgery?

Well, limb lengthening surgery was introduced to the US in the early 1950'S. The operation works by fixing a metal device on the outside or the inside of the leg bone.  A surgical cut is then made in the bone to allow for correction of the deformity.

The device can then be adjusted to move the bones to an anatomic position. The process allows new bone to form between the gaps. More height and reconstruction of the bones happens over time.

Limb lengthening surgery also helps restore function and mobility in limbs.

A healthy diet plays a significant role in reforming deformities such as bowlegs. Specific regular exercises for strengthening of the muscles, calves, and hamstrings are also essential.

Among the essential supplements of correcting bowlegs are vitamin D and calcium. Once in awhile busking in the early morning or late evening sun is a fantastic way to increase your vitamin D.

It's Not Too Late to Correct Your Condition

It's never too late to restore your condition. With the right team of physicians, you can correct the bowlegs condition and walk like everybody else. It, however, takes dedication to a healthy lifestyle and the will to undergo limb lengthening surgery.

Our team will guide you on the necessary steps that will help in normalizing your walking style. We have the best team of professionals who've worked in the industry for a while. Kindly contact us for more details.


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