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Increasing Your Height After Age 18

Posted by The Height Lengthening Team on Jul 23, 2019 12:26:04 PM

Having a shorter stature isn't something worth being ashamed of. After all, height doesn't make the man. But many people, especially men, wish they could be taller and don't feel like they measure up if they're on the shorter side. Many things claim to help with increasing height, but you have to take them with a grain of salt and do your research. Fortunately, there are also proven techniques.

Do Your Research

After approximately age 18, your bones stop growing because the growth plates have fused together. Many websites and companies claim that you can get taller by taking a pill, usually 

research increasing height after 18

one that has human growth hormone (HGH) or vitamins to help bone growth. In reality, unless you still have a growth plate that is receptive to HCH, it will have no effect on your bones. 

Many sites are designed to reach you on a psychological level and appeal to your insecurities about being on the shorter side. These emotional sales pitches convince the reader that becoming taller by meditating or watching a DVD will magically make them grow by inches. And some sites claim that just by eating ten specific foods you'll grow several inches. While diet is an essential component of health, it doesn't affect your height after you've stopped growing.

Having a desire to be taller is perfectly understandable, but both men and women should use caution when looking for techniques to achieve greater height. Using your best judgment will avoid disappointment and save you money. 

Try These 5 Height Extenders

height extendersSome things have been known to work for giving the appearance of a taller stature. It's important to keep in mind that many of these revolve around nurturing the spine, so they may only be temporary adjustments. 

  1. Yoga or Pilates. Both have benefits of expanding your lungs and breathing capacity, lengthening your body through stretching, and helping with posture. 
  2. Stretching or hanging by the arms from bars. This can help better your posture because it strengthens back muscles and reduces spine compression, making you appear taller.
  3. A method called the Alexander Technique. This deals with how your neck and head position affect your spinal alignment and how being mindful of this can improve the appearance of how tall you are. This is similar to chiropractic work, which is also helpful for decompression of the spine and elongating the body.
  4. Get quality sleep. Believe it or not, you're taller first thing in the morning. That's because you've been off your feet all night and it's allowed some of the compression from the day to be relieved, elongating your spine again for a new day. 
  5. Trick the eyes. This is especially helpful for women, who can add height by wearing heels. Men can get special shoes, too, that add height without looking obvious. And working out to bulk up can make you look stronger, which is sometimes equal to height in the eyes of a romantic partner. Wearing clothes that fit correctly and merely standing up straight also give the illusion of being taller than you are.

An Actual Method that Works

The only method to gain real, lasting inches in height is to undergo a height lengthening procedure. These procedures are safe and can add an average of 3 inches to a person's stature with only one surgery. Whether a person needs this surgical procedure because they have leg deformities or because they desire to add height to their frame, it's the only guaranteed way to add inches.

Height lengthening is a surgical procedure performed on the femur (thigh) or the tibia (shin), and sometimes both, and is designed to increase the length of the bones of the leg. The technology has changed quite a bit since it originated back in the 1950s and it is even easier to get the procedure. It has been used for cosmetic reasons so that patients no longer have to suffer from feelings of low self-esteem related to their height. 

As the leader in height lengthening surgery and leg deformity correction, the staff at Height Lengthening are ready to help you grow into who you feel you were meant to be. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you.




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