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Introducing The Groundbreaking New PRECICE And STRYDE™ Limb Lengthening System

Posted by The Height Lengthening Team on Sep 13, 2018 12:29:27 PM

stryde limb lengthening introduction precice height lengthening man excited to tell youGetting taller may be a dream that you’ve had – but you didn’t realize it could be made into a reality. You may have heard about limb lengthening surgery – but you didn’t realize that new technology has made the surgery itself less invasive, and the recovery much easier than it was in the past.

Being a short person can complicate your life in so many ways. From having to ask for help to reach something from a high shelf to being passed over for dates and promotions. It is a proven fact that taller people are more highly regarded in many situations. If you’ve always felt self-conscious about being short – read on. You might find that you can become taller with this amazing surgery.

Thanks to the new technology of PRECICE STRYDE™, limb lengthening surgery has been transformed into a more non-invasive surgery. The outcome of this cosmetic surgery is an increase in your height by adding several inches. It is done by lengthening the long bone(s) of the leg.

How the new PRECICE STRYDE™ Limb Lengthening System works

Depositphotos_177345142_l-2015The premise of the surgery remains the same, but the new STRYDE system is groundbreaking (we’ll talk about that in just a minute). First, let’s take a look at the surgery itself.

As with any limb lengthening surgery, a small incision is made next to the bone that will be made longer. A surgical cut is made through the bone that is going to be lengthened. The bone used will be either the tibia or femur and it will be cut into two sections.

Through the space, an adjustable nail is inserted into the center (intramedullary) of the bone. It is secured into place with locking screws. The incision is then closed.

Your body’s own healing process. The way in which your bones are lengthened is by your own body’s ability to regenerate tissue, nerves, blood vessels and bone.

During the STRYDE limb lengthening procedure, small horizontal holes are drilled into the bone, which exposes the bone marrow. This process is called “seeding”. Seeding allows the surgical area to become saturated with red blood cells and stem cells that improves healing. Stem cells from bone marrow perform many healing functions. They help form blood vessels, tendons, ligaments and ultimately – new bone.

The new red blood cells that are produced provide extra oxygen-rich blood to the surgical area that aids in healing. These red blood cells stimulate and regenerate bone growth.

All of this activity of rebuilding and filling in the space goes on during the distraction phase - while the patient increases the space between the two sections of leg bone – causing the bone to become longer.


Why PRECICE STRYDE™ is different

With the new STRYDE cylindrical rod being implanted into the center (intramedullary) of the bone that has been cut, the patient will be able to precisely lengthen the bone using a remote control. This is done by using a proprietary magnet technology.

The distraction phase. The distraction phase is when the bone is pulled apart ever so gently, only a fraction of a millimeter at a time.

By using this magnetic technology, limb lengthening for each patient is customized according to the physician’s orders. By using an external remote control, the patient is able to adjust the lengthen the bone in the comfort of their own home. This new technology is what pulls the bone apart, creating length.

With previous methods, the bone is spread apart manually and may not be as precise as is needed to make sure the bone is spread correctly, and at the correct interval. The STRYDE device also decreases the amount of time patients need to spend in the hospital.


Faster healing with STRYDE

Faster healing with stryde limb lengthening systemWith earlier surgical mechanisms weight bearing after surgery was a slow process because the systems allowed very gradual weight bearing – usually only up to 30-50 pounds on each leg, post-surgery. The STRYDE system is made with a unique stainless-steel composition and can withstand up to 250 pounds.

This change in post-operative recovery is a huge improvement. Earlier weight bearing often leads to faster healing. Being able to weight bear, begin physical therapy sooner and move around faster after surgery helps patients recover from limb lengthening surgery much more quickly. Patients can return to their regular routines and enjoy the benefits of being taller.


As with any specialized surgery, you want the very best. Make sure you visit your trusted orthopedic specialist to learn more about PRECICE STRYDE™ and how you can add inches to your height. Only your physician can determine if you are a good candidate for limb lengthening surgery. Schedule a consultation soon to learn more about this fantastic new procedure. Limb lengthening surgery not only can change your height – but your life.  


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