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Is Spending Money On Limb Lengthening Worth It?

Posted by The Height Lengthening Team on Jun 8, 2016 2:42:29 PM

limb-lengthening-taller-shorter-men.jpgIf you are one of the many who are height challenged (whether a little or a lot), you've probably heard about all of the short jokes and quotes out there. "Short people No. 220 - Knowing you've already stopped growing."

More than likely you take these comments with a smile and move on, but inside it may be another story. It can hurt. Your self-confidence can suffer greatly from these comments - not to mention the put-downs that come across through the media. 

Many people who are of short stature suffer disrespectful comments and attitudes. Our society and culture tends to promote success - especially regarding males - by their height. Did you know that there is a surgical procedure that can be done that will add 3-5 inches to your height in just a few months? Not happy with your height? There is now something you can do about it. Your life can be changed with leg lengthening surgery - and, you can gain the confidence that adding a few inches will bring to you. 

A Few Of The Benefits Of Being Taller

limb-lenghtening-basketball.jpgA person's height often plays a major role in their psychological health. There are many perceived and/or true benefits of being tall. 

Radiates authority
Practical advantages
Professional success
Social advantages

Being tall, (especially for men) is usually seen as a trait associated with being attractive. Tall men seem to radiate authority and confidence, which helps in all areas of their lives. 

Height has practical advantages - such as the ability to reach high places! Height can also give a person a considerable advantage in sports. There are many theories that agree that height plays a part in being more successful professionally, including higher wages and advancements. Most CEO's are above average height. 

We have all seen and heard about short people being picked on. This isn't as much of a problem for people who are above average in height. Taller individuals can come across more intimidating and less likely to be the victim of bullying. Socially, height has its advantages - especially in the world of dating. 

These are just a few of the advantages of gaining height by leg lengthening surgery. If you are a person who has always wished to be a few inches taller - you already know what benefits, specific to you, you could enjoy by becoming taller. 

Limb Lengthening Surgery

Limb-Lengthening-Surgery.pngLimb lengthening surgery was once reserved primarily for those with deformities, or genetic anomalies. Heightening surgery now is a cosmetic procedure for people who wish to gain inches in their height. 

  • New bone
  • New tissue
  • New blood supply
  • New nerves

The procedure is based on the fact that your body can create new bone, tissue, blood supply and nerves after the bones in the legs are cut - and telescopic rods are inserted into either end of the bone. Over three to four months, the bone is slowly separated. During this time, the new bone, tissue, blood supply and nerves fill in the space - and inches are added to your frame. 

Is Limb Lengthening Surgery Worth The Cost? 

Limb lengthening surgery can be fairly expensive, and cosmetic surgery is not usually covered by medical insurance. The decision whether or not to have this type of surgery is a very personal one. The best, and first thing to do is to visit a trusted orthopedic specialist to get the details on the procedure, cost, post-operative and recovery time. He or she will sit down with you and go over the procedure in detail, the risks and benefits, and how many inches of height you can expect to gain from the procedure. The orthopedic specialist should have extensive experience with this type of procedure - don't be bashful, ask all of the pertinent questions you need to become well-informed. 

You now know you have an option to gain the height you have always dreamed of. The choice is yours - learn about this life-changing surgery and make your decision. 
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