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Tall Guys Get All The Ladies: Height And The Effects On Dating

Posted by The Height Lengthening Team on Dec 28, 2017 11:46:44 AM

short guy height and the effects on dating blog outdorrsy smiling.jpgThe definition of a stereotype is a “widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing.” Unfortunately, short people (especially men) have been assigned traits that may or may not true. These ideas affect the way they feel about themselves and how they are perceived. Negative stereotypes regarding a person’s height may also affect their actions.

The average height of the American male is 5 feet 10 inches. One of the most bothersome problems that shorter than average men have is dating. The average height for women is 5 feet 4 inches. Many women don’t want to date men who are close to their own height, or worse, shorter than themselves. The goal for many women is to find a man who is “tall, dark and handsome.”

A man’s height and the effects on dating can make life difficult for many men who are less than the average height.

Do Women Prefer Tall, Dark and Handsome?

Believe it or not, the phrase “tall, dark and handsome” first came to be in 1833 in The New Monthly Magazine and Literary Journal – in a story called “The Story of Hester Malpas”. It has been a popular mantra for many women ever since. 

Height and the Effects on Dating

height effects dating happy couple blog.jpgFor many men who are under the average height of 5 feet 10 inches, dating can be a struggle.

Why do women prefer tall men? There are several reasons that many women find tall men more appealing than shorter men. If you look at the psychological and evolutionary aspect of the question – women may view taller men as stronger and more able to fend off physical threats – survival of the fittest and all that. Tall men may make women feel more protected than their shorter counterparts.  

A man’s height and the effects on dating can lead to depression and a poor self-image. Social attitudes may be at fault – but understanding the why doesn’t help the problem short men have when it comes to dating and finding a mate.


The Difficulties of Being Short

Our culture glorifies height. From athletes to CEOs and politicians – today’s culture favors tall people. The suicide rate is higher in below average height men than in taller men. Shorter men are more likely to be passed over for promotions and are subjected to bullying and teasing among their peers during adolescence and even into adulthood. A feeling of power is associated with being tall.


There are Options

If you are under average in height – there are options for you. There is a procedure called height lengthening that can add inches to your height. This procedure was originally used for medical limb lengthening for people with deformities. Now it is available as a cosmetic procedure to help people become taller.

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This procedure involves surgically cutting one or more bones of the legs. The bones are spread apart slowly over time using an internal device, allowing new tissue to grow. The final outcome is a gain of a few inches added to your height.

If you have yearned to be taller, and you suffer from low self esteem and/or depression because of your height – this procedure may be the cure for you. Once recovery is complete, you will see an improvement in your self esteem and confidence. You might even see that you have more success with dating.


Height Lengthening Surgery

There are some men below the average height who do not struggle with dating, finding a mate or with issues living with their height. For other men with a shorter stature, height and the effects on dating can make life seem lonely and hopeless. For those that have been through the trials of being below the average height, there are options that can increase height and improve quality of life.

An orthopedic specialist can give you the information you need and will determine if you are a candidate for this life changing height procedure. 

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