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The Truth About Natural Height-Lengthening Methods

Posted by The Height Lengthening Team on Nov 13, 2019 6:41:00 PM

Adding a few inches or more to your height may seem like a simple enough desire, but unless you're lucky enough to still be growing naturally, chances are you'll need a little help. It's not impossible, in fact, height lengthening surgery has become an increasingly reliable and effective procedure. There are also, however, an assortment of supposed "natural" ways of increasing height that could be alluring to try. The truth is, there aren't many ways of increasing your height without surgery, even just a little. While certain methods may seem promising, at best the results are negligible, and at worse, they can upset the daily rhythm of your health, habits, and happiness. 

The Problem With Natural Methods

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Whether it's well-meaning advice or deliberate manipulation of facts, there's quite a lot of information out there that can lead people astray. As with many aspects of altering or improving one's appearance, there is an abundant amount of claims that the right combination of exercise and supplements can force you to grow. In reality, no amount of hormones, nutrients, or particular exercises can improve your height. The reason has to do with your body's physiology, which is designed to grow a certain way that isn't easy to influence by outside means. Of particular importance are your growth plates and genetics.

Growth Plates & Other Physiological Factors

One important factor that often goes overlooked in natural height-lengthening claims is the matter of your growth plates. By the time your body has matured enough to move beyond puberty, these plates are essentially solidified into a permanent shape. The cartilage becomes fused with solid bone, effectively limiting the overall growth of your limbs. For these reasons, supplements and exercise simply aren't going to make any difference in your height. Without altering your growth plates, there isn't much your body can do to extend its length any more than it has already grown.

There are some supplements, routines, and workout regimens that claim to improve your chances of getting taller. 

According to some sources, the right combination of hormones, nutrients, and exercise can help you, but these claims can be very misleading. For example, the right combination of diet and exercise may help marginally for those who are young enough to still be growing. Nourishment, particularly for children, can play an important factor in height as a child grows up. The problem for most people is that even with the best diet and physical activity, there still isn't much that can be done to increase height by these means. The overall height you reach during puberty is largely determined by genetic factors, which can't be much influenced regardless of your physical condition. In other words, when it comes to "natural" ways of getting taller, your body isn't going to change its basic shape without something a little extra.

Why Height Lengthening Surgery Works

As mentioned above, your body isn't capable of growing much more once your growth plates have fused. That's why height lengthening surgery is really the only effective option for making yourself genuinely taller. Unlike natural methods, height lengthening surgery actually does something about the parts of your body that keep you at a certain height. By manipulating the growth plate and replacing bone tissue through surgery, you can obtain genuine results that increase your height, your confidence, and overall quality of life. 

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