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How Increasing Your Height Benefits Your Love Life

Posted by The Height Lengthening Team on Nov 26, 2019 6:29:04 PM

We grow from the time we're born until our young adulthood. While growing is something we all have in common, our height differs from person to person. Something that may be surprising to many is that your height can actually benefit your love life. From the number of sexual partners to your strength and health, height has been proven to have an impact on it all. 

Impact on Sexual Encounters

height lengthening and loveIt's common for women to describe their dream partner as 'tall' among many other words. Even men often want a partner that's closer to their height rather than too short. A study including over 60,000 people at Chapman University discussed that height and weight had an impact on how many sex partners a person has. Due to pop culture's influence, taller men have been idolized and deemed more attractive for their height. Taken from the study of BMI, known as body mass index, 58% of men and 56% of women have had sex with more than five partners. Their decision was directly related to a partner's height drawing in an attraction. 

Impact on Marriage

Shockingly, height has shown to bring marriage at a younger age for taller males. Perhaps finding your true love sooner is a benefit we'd all love to have. Think about marrying your best friend sooner rather than later. You could explore the world and share in creating a family together all because of the initial attraction of your height. 

Strength Related to Love

Many women fall in love with somebody that is strong. It's another one of those 'common' interests when it comes to describing your dream partner. There's a greater influence on your self esteem when it comes to your height, which encourages more people to work out and build the muscles that makes them strong. Even if you're not going to the gym, taller people are typically seen as stronger. We literally look up to them and convince ourselves that just because they're taller they are also stronger. 

Height Happiness

height and happinessWhile we don't realize our happiness can be impacted by how tall or short we are, it can be personally related. With the physical quality of being tall comes a confident mindset. That confidence leads to self-love and provides us with a sense of contentment. Taller individuals show signs of being healthier and happier in their general daily life. It's almost funny to recognize that you can be happy based off of how tall you are. 

How Height Lengthening Can Help

If you could change your height and make yourself taller, would you? Contact us today to find out how we use a height lengthening surgery to increase the length of the bones in your leg. Known as cosmetic height lengthening, you'll leave your appointment feeling happier with the amount of additional height you can potentially gain. Go out and attract all the eyes with your newfound sense of being tall, find your soulmate, appear stronger and healthier, and simply feel happy in your decision. We are here to guide you through all of the benefits that come with being tall. 



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