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Height and Human Growth Hormones: What You Need to Know

Being shorter than normal has a lot of drawbacks, personally, socially and professionally. There are many times you probably have felt discriminated against, left out and alone. You may have been the brunt of short jokes and even bullied in school.

Many people of shorter than average stature, especially men, seek out ways to make themselves seem taller. From elevator shoes with built-in heels and stretching exercises to online vitamins and false ads that lure people in with their promises, short people are vulnerable to try ways to gain inches to their height.

One method of becoming taller that you may see advertised online and in magazines is the human growth hormone, or also known as HGH.

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Napoléon Complex: The Short Man Syndrome

Are you unhappy with your height? If you are shorter than average, you may feel self-conscious about interacting with others and you may have had unpleasant experiences related to your height.

When people look down on you – literally – you think everyone notices how short you are. Many short people, primarily men, suffer from what is referred to as the Napoléon complex. It is an informal term that refers to a form of inferiority complex that comes from being shorter than the average height. It is also used as a derogatory term used to describe someone who is perceived to be acting in an aggressive manner.

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Tall Guys Get All The Ladies: Height And The Effects On Dating

The definition of a stereotype is a “widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing.” Unfortunately, short people (especially men) have been assigned traits that may or may not true. These ideas affect the way they feel about themselves and how they are perceived. Negative stereotypes regarding a person’s height may also affect their actions.

The average height of the American male is 5 feet 10 inches. One of the most bothersome problems that shorter than average men have is dating. The average height for women is 5 feet 4 inches. Many women don’t want to date men who are close to their own height, or worse, shorter than themselves. The goal for many women is to find a man who is “tall, dark and handsome.”

A man’s height and the effects on dating can make life difficult for many men who are less than the average height.

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What Are The Risks Of Bow Legs?

Bow legs – another, more old-fashioned term was bandy-legged – is a condition that is normal in an infant but can cause problems with age. Untreated, bow legs can create gait problems, cause knee pain and back pain and increase the risk of arthritis and joint damage later in life. The risks of bow legs can range from minor to severe, depending on the degree of deformity.

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How Effective Is PRP Therapy For Arthritic Athletes?

Whether you are a weekend warrior-type of an athlete, play recreational sports – even if you’re a superstar – you know how painful arthritis and can be. Muscle and joint pain can cut down the time you are able to spend doing the activities you love. Even if you tough it out and continue playing, it’s hard to give your best performance when you’re in pain.

If you suffer from arthritis, chances are that you have tried some of the common remedies or traditional treatment in an effort to help you with your discomfort. You may or may not have heard about PRP therapy.

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How To Choose A Height Lengthening Doctor That's Right For You

When you need surgery, choosing a doctor can be an anxiety-provoking process. That can be even more true when you're looking for a specialized surgeon such as a height lengthening doctor. No matter how simple the surgery, there is always the possibility of complications. Patients of the best-performing surgeons typically have significantly fewer complications. Here's some information to help you make a choice.

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Let's Get It Straight: Preparing For Bow Leg Correction Surgery

You've been diagnosed with bow legs and your doctor has recommended bow leg correction surgery. At this point, you probably have plenty of questions about how to prepare for the surgery in order to obtain the best possible outcome. You're right to think about this issue well ahead of time – here are some basics to consider.

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I Wish I Was Taller! Your Modern Day Height Options

If you've always been the one in the group that others call “shorty,” you might have spent years wishing to be taller. There are some basic tricks to looking taller, but there are other height options and a permanent solution. Here is some information about height enhancement or limb-lengthening surgery.

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3 Benefits Of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy To Ease Your Pain

Most of the time, people go in search of a regenerative medicine or a non-surgical treatment to fix what ails them. You do not have to do that. Why look for a regenerative medicine, when Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is available? PRP therapy is like a “use your blood to heal yourself” treatment. PRP therapy is a treatment that injects platelet-rich plasma protein extracted from your own blood which contains growth factors that can naturally stimulate cellular growth back into your body system. The platelet- rich plasma protein is obtained through a process the scientists call “differential centrifugation”.

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Height Happiness and Your Self Esteem

Beauty is often said to be in the eye of the beholder, but when it comes to height, those extra inches are obvious to anyone who sees you. “Tall, dark and handsome” became a cliché for a reason – our culture tends to value height, particularly in males. In addition to your appearance, your height affects your education, income, self-esteem and happiness.

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