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How To Choose A Height Lengthening Doctor That's Right For You

When you need surgery, choosing a doctor can be an anxiety-provoking process. That can be even more true when you're looking for a specialized surgeon such as a height lengthening doctor. No matter how simple the surgery, there is always the possibility of complications. Patients of the best-performing surgeons typically have significantly fewer complications. Here's some information to help you make a choice.

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Let's Get It Straight: Preparing For Bow Leg Correction Surgery

You've been diagnosed with bow legs and your doctor has recommended bow leg correction surgery. At this point, you probably have plenty of questions about how to prepare for the surgery in order to obtain the best possible outcome. You're right to think about this issue well ahead of time – here are some basics to consider.

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I Wish I Was Taller! Your Modern Day Height Options

If you've always been the one in the group that others call “shorty,” you might have spent years wishing to be taller. There are some basic tricks to looking taller, but there are other height options and a permanent solution. Here is some information about height enhancement or limb-lengthening surgery.

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3 Benefits Of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy To Ease Your Pain

Most of the time, people go in search of a regenerative medicine or a non-surgical treatment to fix what ails them. You do not have to do that. Why look for a regenerative medicine, when Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is available? PRP therapy is like a “use your blood to heal yourself” treatment. PRP therapy is a treatment that injects platelet-rich plasma protein extracted from your own blood which contains growth factors that can naturally stimulate cellular growth back into your body system. The platelet- rich plasma protein is obtained through a process the scientists call “differential centrifugation”.

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Height Happiness and Your Self Esteem

Beauty is often said to be in the eye of the beholder, but when it comes to height, those extra inches are obvious to anyone who sees you. “Tall, dark and handsome” became a cliché for a reason – our culture tends to value height, particularly in males. In addition to your appearance, your height affects your education, income, self-esteem and happiness.

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Understanding Stem Cell Therapy for Orthopedic Pain Relief

Stem cell therapy has gained more popularity in the recent past due to multiple factors. This form of therapy promises to transform the medical industry completely by treating numerous conditions. Due to the results seen in multiple fields, there has been more research activity towards discovering the full potential of the treatment. Also, there are significant concerns about the cost of this therapy in comparison to alternatives. If you are interested in stem cell therapy for your orthopedic condition and pain relief, here are the most important details that you should understand.

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Bow Legs Can Lead to Knee Pain

Bow legs is a condition that can result from congenital problems, disease or injury. The legs are wider apart at the knee than ankle when standing with the legs straight, leading to a characteristic “bowed” look. Bow legs can cause knee pain, particularly with activity. Bow legs are correctable with surgery.

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3 Signs It’s Time to See an Orthopedic Specialist

There are numerous musculoskeletal conditions which affect individuals of every age in the country. These medical issues range from back pain and arthritis to sports injuries and bone fractures. An orthopedic specialist is a trained physical who is concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with conditions related to the musculoskeletal system. This physiological system includes ligaments, tendons, bones and muscles.

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Why Stem Cell Therapy Cost is Worth the Relief

Stem cell therapy has been in the news lately for several reasons. First, it is a newer therapy that holds great promise in treating a wide variety of different conditions. It is also generating a lot of research activity precisely because it has such potential. The other point that nearly always comes up is its cost. Here's why stem cell therapy is expensive, what the benefits are and why so many people are choosing this option – they feel the benefits are worth the stem cell therapy cost.

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3 Facts About Height Lengthening: The Surgery To Make You Taller

Have you always wanted to be taller? Perhaps you've heard a bit about how surgery can make a difference in your height or are actually considering height lengthening surgery. If that's the case, here are three facts about height lengthening you really need to know:

  • Surgery to make you taller could increase your height by as much as six inches.
  • Height lengthening techniques can also be used to correct leg deformities such as one leg being shorter.
  • Being taller can affect your work life, income, self-esteem and personal relationships.

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