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Do the Tall Ones Get It All? The Top Pros and Cons to Having Height.

Posted by The Height Lengthening Team on Mar 14, 2019 12:16:24 PM



The question, "does size matter?" has been a topic of conversation for years, decades, and centuries. But what if a person's height can be added into the "size" debate? What does a person's height really have to say, if anything at all? Would it pay off to be a little taller? We will be taking an in-depth look into this hot topic, to help you understand what years of science have to say about the payoffs, or drawbacks, of being tall.

The Advantages of Being Tall

Height Can Affect Success

If we are being honest, the world can be judgmental and shallow. In fact, research suggests that not only might taller people be more successful, but they may also get paid more than their shorter counterparts. Research shows that taller people tend to have more educational and business opportunities, larger successes in their careers, and even a higher household income.

tall-people-are-more-confidentTall People Are Considered More Confident and Authoritative

When someone is tall or taller than average, there is a natural, dominant appearance that goes along with it. Tall people tend to have authority when walking into a room, without having to say a word. This tall, dominant stature helps the tall ones among us to appear more confident than others, which can also be linked to the connection between confidence and success.

Height Can Be Linked To Attraction

Maybe it's natural confidence, but taller people tend to be perceived as more attractive than shorter-than-average people. Men especially benefit from this science-backed idea, with almost half of women preferring a man that is taller than them. Tall women appear strong, while tall men may just tap into the evolutionary needs of women regarding protection and femininity.

Being Tall Can Help You Avoid Certain Health Problems

Tall people are not only more likely to maintain healthy weights, but they are also less likely to develop problems with their heart or diabetes, as well as Alzheimer's disease and dementia, and less likely to experience a stroke. Taller men are even less likely to experience hair loss.

There's an Athletic Advantage to Height

If you've always wanted to be an athlete, nothing helps you out quite like height. Taller men and women have an advantage in almost every sport, from basketball and football to volleyball and track and field. Advanced height means longer limbs, which can catch and throw things easier, cover ground faster, and reach further than shorter limbs. 

The Disadvantages of Having Height

Longer Legs May Mean Increased Risk of Certain Problems

longer-legs-may-mean-increased-risk-of-certain-problemsThough scientists are not exactly sure on the reason behind it, people with longer legs have an increased risk of developing blood clots in the legs when compared to those with shorter legs. This is likely due to the length it takes blood to travel to the heart in those with longer legs.

Some Things May Need to Be Personalized

If you know an exceptionally tall person, one of the biggest complaints is that sometimes, things aren't catered to tall people. When you are tall, you may need to watch out for doorways or light fixtures more, skip amusement park rides, or uncomfortable in a cramped bus seat.

You'll Need Time to Recover

Being tall means your center of gravity is a bit different than a shorter person's. Especially when you opt for becoming a bit taller with height lengthening surgery, it will take time to recover and gather a new center of gravity that holds your weight a little higher.


With today's advances, height lengthening surgeries can help you feel and stand a little taller. For any and all of your height lengthening questions and concerns, it's essential to consult a trusted and trained orthopedic surgeon in your area.

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